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It's the most affordable way you can get your parts chromed with the least amount of waiting time. Our network of skilled applicators nationwide produce a stunningly beautiful chrome finish based on cutting edge eco-friendly technology. Not only is it enviromentally safe but it's the only way to chrome parts that are non metallic like plastics, fiberglass and even wood.


Bring it back to life with beautiful dazzling chrome !



Interior  chrome candy color trim provides many custom creative possibilities

Refinish your rims and make them sparkle again with pure reflective and durable chrome

Whether you have small or large parts you need to chrome we have the solution for you. If you have special creative projects consult with us to know what's possible.

Candy colors are another great feature of our chroming system. You have muliple choices of colors and color applications.

Call or email us with your chroming needs and we'll work with you to get it accomplished.

Call to get your parts chromed !
844-411-3055 Call today or send email request

    If you wish to become one of our qualified chrome applicators please contact us for additional information.

    our facebook page pintrest youtubeinstagram




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